Remind People They Matter

Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash

It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow, and I’ll FaceTime her and remind her she’s loved and her life matters. Isn’t that why, deep down, we still look forward to our birthday? Even those of us who say it doesn’t matter? Our birthday reminds us we exist, and that there are people in our lives who care about us.

What would it look like though if we didn’t just remind people they matter on their birthday? What if we attempted to remind those we love, daily, that they matter? What if we reminded them everyday they are here on this earth for a purpose, they are loved, and their story matters?

Who in your life needs to hear this? Not on their birthday, but right now? You don’t have as much time left with people as you think. If birthdays do anything, they remind us of how quickly time passes, that the years fly by, and that there’s no time like the present.

Pick up the phone, grab breakfast with a friend, show up to your siblings house. Tell them they matter. Remind them they are loved, and that their life and story have purpose.

Here’s to finding opportunities to do that every day, not just on birthdays.



Dad. Husband. Army vet. Enjoy running, cycling, cooking, and guitar.

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