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Don’t Forget to Look Up

You never know what you might see

When I was in the 6th grade, we took an epic 3-week family road trip across the country. We drove from California to Texas, then went up to Canada, headed west towards Alaska, and finally came back down to California through Washington state. I have so many amazing memories from that trip, but my favorite moment happened at the very beginning.

We were driving through Utah at midnight in the middle of the summer with a broken A/C, and we were all hungry and tired from a long day of driving. My dad stopped the car to take a break, and my five siblings and I all piled out. I remember we all looked up in unison at the sky and saw the most beautiful starry night we’d ever seen in our lives. I’d never seen so many stars before — millions and millions filling the desert sky. Even in all of my road and outdoor trips since — places like Yosemite, The Emigrant Wilderness, Kauai, and The Trinity Alps — I’ve never seen a starry sky like that night in the Utah desert.

Especially in this day and age when we’re always looking down — down at our phones, our tablets, our smartwatches — always remember to pause and look up now and then. You never know just what you might see.

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