Dear Christian Evangelical Leaders Supporting Trump

You owe it to the Christian faith and our nation to be better

Image by J F from Pixabay

Published in the SF Chronicle

Dear Evangelical Christian Leaders,

My Christian faith has always been an important part of my life. I have fond memories walking to church as a family and teaching Sunday school with my parents. My faith is a guide for my life and reminds me to show kindness, compassion, and love for others. It reminds me to accept others for who they are. My faith brought comfort to me when I was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. And my faith has brought comfort to me through the highs and lows of life.

My Christian faith is something that guides my life, but it’s not something I use for political or social gain, the way many of you do. It’s disheartening to see how many of you not only support Trump, but encourage your followers to do the same.

You point out that Trump takes a hard stance on abortion and appoints judges to the Supreme Court who are pro-life. You point to President Trump advocating for prayer in schools and promoting religious liberty. You pick one or two things you like and use it as justification to support someone whose life and actions couldn’t be further from what Christianity teaches and what’s written in the Bible.

The Bible teaches us to love others, to serve the poor and marginalized, to show our faith through our actions. Trump repeatedly does none of this.

You say Trump’s good deeds are justification enough for supporting him. But the world is laughing at you. You love to judge others yet you somehow continue to support a President who shows time and time again, both in his words and actions, that he has no morals.

You claim all life is sacred, and we are made in God’s image to oppose abortion, yet many of you continue to support the death penalty.

You claim all life is sacred, yet you continue to support a President whose policy on asylum seekers is directly responsible for the loss of innocent human life.

Think of how the world views you and the Christian faith. You claim to serve a higher power, yet you continue to not only turn a blind eye to Trump’s lies, but you promote him and encourage your followers to do the same.

You encourage your congregations to act like Jesus. Look at the way Trump talks about women, his policy that separates children from their parents at the border, and his abuse of the office of the Presidency for his own gain. Tell me, do those actions look Christ-like?

The Christian faith teaches us to love everyone. It teaches us to welcome in strangers, and those who society shuns. It teaches us everyone has dignity and we’re all children of God. Yet you continue to support a President who follows none of these teachings.

Please stop turning a blind eye to a man who bends and distorts Christianity and uses it to his own political advantage. It’s harmful to our nation and is a black mark on Christianity. It’s no wonder that religious leaders now rank lower in trust than scientists, CEOs, and journalists, to name a few.

Our country needs religious leaders who speak the truth and take a stand for what’s right. Do not continue to turn a blind eye and promote a President who speaks about Christianity, but whose entire life reflects none of the teachings of our faith. It’s harmful to our nation and calls into question your ability to be witnesses of the faith.

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