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Dad. Husband. Army vet. Enjoy running, cycling, cooking, & guitar. Sign up for my monthly humor newsletter:
The author and his daughter :)

This is me :)
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1. Bio

Hey! Andrew here :) My wife is actually the only person who calls me Andrew, everyone else calls me Hutch. I picked up that nickname in grade school and it’s stuck ever since.

I joined Medium hoping to make tons of money and retire by age 36….I mean to share my life stories and experiences. I initially started out writing about things like relationships, finances, and mental health. …

Illustration by the Author

Illustration by the Author


Illustration by the author
  1. “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”
  2. “You seem a little agitated, just think happy thoughts. Like a Bob Ross painting class. You don’t know who that is… okay, never mind.”
  3. “I believe you in. You were born for this moment.”
  4. “Focus!”
  5. “Listen to the words coming out of my mouth.”
  6. “Look at me. I said look at me! I’m trying to help you.”
  7. “We need to work on your flexibility.”
  8. “This clearly isn’t working. Let’s try a new approach.”
  9. “I’d show you proper technique myself, but my back is killing me.”
  10. “Don’t give me attitude. …

Illustration by the author

Illustration by the author

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